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Brief introduction: BERPOL e.V. (Polish German Business Club) in Berlin

Our business association looks back on a tradition of over 40 years.

The main aim is to deepen the economic relations between the countries of Germany and Poland.

We would like to continue to network German and Polish companies and to share them with the experience of the association's members and institutions.
The seat of our association is in Berlin, the federal capital, which has always been regarded as a point of attraction and a bridge to Western Europe for Polish companies.
The proximity, over 200 thousand Berlin citizens originally from Poland, the open and cosmopolitan spirit of, the proximity to German political institutions make Berlin particularly attractive for Polish new business. Berlin is also regarded as the German startup capital with a unique appeal for young, innovative companies.

But we also welcome German Poland-affine companies.
Through our networks we bring together interesting people, companies and institutions and can in this way bundle the following services in ordert o support our members:

  • Organisation of entities in Germany and Poland
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Cross-border legal advice
  • Banking services and Corporate finance
  • Real estate issues and financing
  • Recruiting
  • Translations
  • Start-Up Consulting
  • Tax advisory

Our association organizes at regular intervals, member events on current business-related topics.

Of course we also welcome other international entities that are interested in the German and Polish market.

Feel free to get in touch with us!

Vereins der Polnischen Kaufleute
und Industriellen BERPOL e.V.
(Polish German Business Club)

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